Security Services In Eugene

Protecting your home or property is the natural human instinct: you have worked hard to achieve it all. Why would someone think of jeopardizing it? At Security of America Private Security Services, we are thoroughly committed to delivering you peace-in-mind by offering top-end practice security services in Eugene, OR. Serving Eugene, OR area for years, we feel proud of providing a wide array of security services with a strict ethics policy, consistent integrity, and focusing on each task with dedication.

We understand each need is different. As a seasoned leader in private security services, we are providing the following services in Eugene, OR. Feel free to ask for anything, additional security, state-of-art equipment, armed security guards, anywhere, anytime, and we are ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

Armed & Unarmed Security Guards Eugene, Oregon

We provide both armed and unarmed security guards, licensed as per the state of Oregon, well-trained and experienced in safely handling the situations. Armed guards got the training to use firearms and were usually placed in high-risk locations demanding hands-on safety and security. It could be high crime zones, additional protection of someone important, or your businesses. The unarmed guards are also well-equipped with personal safety gear, assuring to protect people, businesses, properties.

The times are challenging, and there has been a spike in the number of cases regarding property damages, burglaries, injuries, and so on. Our security officers and guards are explicitly trained to handle high-risk situations or provide general security to prevent anything terrible. We are serving 24/7, and whether you want protection for yourself, your property, events, officers to patrol through the premises, or else, we are there to assist in the best possible means. We boast of providing exemplary security services, trained guards, best-in-class equipment, and the keen eye needed to provide security. Contact our team anytime to understand how we can assist you with your security requirements