Nationwide Security Management Solutions

We Provide Client-Focused Security Services In All 50 States.

Professional Security Guard Solutions Serving All 50 States

Security of America manages a network of qualified security professionals and guards licensed in 50 states. This means that we can provide you the security services that you need, when you need them with no hassle.

Premium Security Solutions at Best Price

With over 5 decades of combined experience, we provide our professionals in a wide variety of different settings and security requirements. security guard services in washington.

United in Our Vision

Our vision is simple, really: Be the most trusted corporate service partner in a world of evolving risk. And when we make that promise to you, we live it out in our deeds and actions, every day. security guard service in tukwila

an Industry Leader to Businesses and Communities

Established for clients who are looking for hiring bonafide Security Suite and provisions for their enterprises.

Industries we Serve

Construction Site Security

Perhaps more than any other project, construction sites must stay within budget in order to be successful. The ability to minimize losses due to pilferage, vandalism and liability is a key element.

Apartment & Condominium Security

Security of America leads the industry in residential security solutions. We leverage the optimal blend of manpower and technology to meet the particular concerns of residential communities and to create optimal residential security solutions. security guard service in Washington

Warehouse & Manufacturing Security

Warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities suffer vulnerabilities from theft, pilferage and vandalism and require well-schooled, experienced, and alert security personnel who learn and understand the facilities processes and protocols.

Event Security

Event security and executive protection and consulting services are part of our specialty. Ready to service your needs on a local or national stage, our professional contractors are poised and prepared to tackle any situation. We provide a wide variety of staffing needs in order to keep issues to a minimum and maintain a safe environment.