What is the point of an Unarmed Security Guard?

A strong visual deterrence is provided by unarmed guards. Any troublemakers depart when they notice a guard around.
If the company providing unarmed security guards has a productive patrol management system in place, they will be able to guarantee that the guards are properly prepared to handle any circumstance and protect the property.
Even if a security guard is unarmed and the situation gets out of hand, they can always ask for immediate assistance from other sources.


Unarmed security guards are the most cost-effective of the guard types. In most cases, they are sufficient to protect your business.
Hiring armed security guards necessitates them being licensed and trained to carry firearms.
As a result, the cost per hour will rise.
Having firearms on your property also increases the possibility of someone being injured or killed.
Unarmed security guards are the most cost-effective option for all smaller businesses.

Lower risk

Even if armed security guards are trained, the possibility of someone being shot exists.
There is also the possibility that a perpetrator will seize the guard’s weapon and open fire on your employees or clients.
As a business owner, you will be held liable if someone is injured or killed as a result of a shooting. Unarmed personnel, on the other hand, can provide the same level of protection for your company without the risk of violence.

Avoid Liability

If an armed guard shoots someone and causes injury or death, property owners may be held liable.
To deter crime and violence, unarmed security can use non-lethal weapons. Tasers, batons, and non-lethal sprays may be used.


Unarmed Security Guard service in Washington officers put in a lot of effort to keep a condo complex safe and peaceful.
Even while there isn’t often much violence or major criminal activity in a building, the guards occasionally deal with problems like doors that have been left unlocked, bike thefts, and loud parties.
They have a responsibility to prevent these incidents from happening and to step in if one occurs.
Guards should never put themselves in risk, but they should always try to keep the area and its inhabitants secure.

Security firms that give their guards access to an easy-to-use, dependable guard tour system ultimately put the entire team up for success.
Clients will value the responsibility and transparency that come with this kind of system, in addition to the benefits that guards can gain from the essential security features.


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