Security Services in Santa Clara

Security of America is among the most reputed security guard and personnel service providers providing exceptional services in the Santa Clara area. We are highly committed to proffering our clients top-notch quality security services in Santa Clara. We have a pool of professional, experienced, and well-trained security guards who understand the importance of protection and safety for you as an individual, your homes, your businesses. They assure to cater a secure and safe environment for everyone.

We make sure to do in-depth research and site tours of the residential complexes, event venues, business properties to determine the level of security required before appointing security guards and officers in those locations. We discuss everything in detail with the client's owners, ensuring a satisfactory experience.

What do you expect from our Security Services in Santa Clara?

Being a pioneer experienced security service company, we offer the best on-site security officers, patrolling services, armed and unarmed security guards, loss prevention, and more.

  1. Apartment & Condominiums Security – The security of residential complexes apartments in this 21st century demands a knowledgeable and well-thoughtful approach. With the need to fully secure premises in and out, it is vital to provide round-the-clock safety for true peace of mind. Our unparalleled reach of experienced security guards with needed training makes us perfect for providing apartments and residential security. From visitors management to keep an eye on everything that could create losses, damages, or boost thefts, they know how to do their job and provide security efficaciously.
  2. Event Security – When it comes to protecting any event, expertise is undeniably the most pivotal aspect. Our company provides elite safety and security with outstanding knowledge to understand every nuance of the field. We guarantee top-end security and presence at any corporate event. Whether the event is small or large, private event or trade show, the success of these events highly depends on its bespoke security. Our skilled event security service is best-of-all, with an assurance of working with the organizers constantly to ensure the safety and desired positive outcome of the event.
  3. Armed & unarmed security guard – We have both armed and unarmed security guards, and it is up to you which officer to choose for the task for protection and the location.

We have slowly worked our way to being the top-notch and leading private security company in Santa Clara and around the US. When it comes to the security and safety of people, their properties, assets, we feel like doing something good in this field. With years of knowledge and understanding of the industry, we are capable of creating and implementing the most straightforward security solutions possible for any event or property. Our performance and delivery services are second to none, and the security guards and officers are licensed and certified to train in all prime areas of armed security, event security, capable of tacking emergencies at the moment’s notice. Feel free to inquire about our security guard's services, how we can assist in creating a solid, fool-proof plan for your residential home, business, corporate event, or else at the best possible quotes.