Security Services in San Francisco

San Francisco is the headquartered location to many reputed world’s biggest well-established names, along with a hub of many social events frequented by celebrities, VIPs from all corners of the globe. These aspects lead to one common concern, which is security. Security of America Services offers the best-in-class, professional security services in San Francisco, CA. Our commitment, passion to the trustworthy and experienced security guards with immense potential, enthusiasm towards their work are undoubtedly the best in the company.

We are responsible for your security and protection and provide intellectual, professional, and one-of-the-kind security guards at your service. We equip the latest technology, state-of-art equipment, security officers, guards to serve you none but the best services in the industry and the area. Whether it is protection for you, your family, your residences, your clients, your events, anything, we are there to help in each possible way.

What can you expect to get from Security of America?

We provide a team of security guards with hands-on experience, ensuring they know how to do their job.

Apartment & Condominiums Security – Our skilled residential security guards specialize in providing safety and protection to the buildings and the people living there. They are unique in keeping track of who is coming in and out of the buildings, resolving any problems if the tenants have related to the apartments, applying preventive measures against thefts, losses, etc. These personnel are tough to find, and we feel lucky to have experienced guards fully aware of their responsibilities.

Event Security – Many events happen in this beautiful city San Francisco, attended by many well-known faces. It is pivotal to have security at such events, and we have specialized professional armed and unarmed security guards, assuring everything is safe and sound. They can monitor, manage everything from scratch when it comes to the safety and protection of people, and take care of even the minutest thing in an efficient way.

Why Us:

Keeping you, your properties, businesses, events secure is what we do. Our security guards and officers are insured, fully licensed, and specialize in de-escalation strategies. Many of these even have first-aid experience, and they can be available as per request.

  1. Well-trained security guards – Our security guards are chosen for their passion, commitment, love for what they do, and outstanding customer service. They have undergone state-certified training in de-escalation and negotiation approaches and background checks before getting hired. They are well-presented, professional and you can trust us to feel the satisfactorily experience.
  2. Experience and Availability – It has been decades now to provide people with outstanding private security services. We are serving you round-the-clock, which means we can handle emergencies or critical situations without any hesitation. Also, have both armed and unarmed security guards at your service. If you want anything specific, feel free to ask for it. We are willing to take any risk when it comes to protecting people, businesses, events.

There is no better feeling than seeing your loved ones and your properties safe. We look forward to making everyone feel the same and offering top-notch security services in San Francisco. Contact us for more information.