Security Services in Corvallis

Security of America is the name you can trust in the private security service industry. Our company has the best-in-class equipment security personnel ensuring the safety and protection of people, their properties, businesses, community in Corvallis. It has been years now we provide security services in the Corvallis area, at any time and even on urgent notices without any inconvenience.

Our armed and unarmed security guards went through a strenuous training program before being sent for work at different locations. Whether it is particular event security, apartment, and condominium security, commercial security, patrolling, loss prevention, personal bodyguards, or supervisors, we can help without any glitch. The security officers and guards have the training tools needed like firearms to proactively secure your property area, promptly respond to calls, take action and report potential threats.

Your assets are important and need proper security and protection against losses, thefts, damages. Residents want to feel safe have peace of mind while in their houses. Our security guards are trained and well-equipped, capable to handle emergencies. The patrolling services, security, and protection by our guards on the front gate, entrances of the apartments, keeping an eye on all the protective measures in the condominiums are effective. They take care of everything in and out of the residential properties take necessary preventive measures to deter crime, security threats, thefts, violence, mishaps.

Event Security

Many high-end events happen in Corvallis. We protect your corporate or personal event, property, patrons, venue, attendees, everything in the most efficient way. Our well-trained and experienced security personnel ensures security against any warnings, intimidations, or perils that can impact an event. Also, we have resources available like armed security guards and tools to handle hostile situations. Our armed and unarmed security guards are available round the clock for your assistance respond to immediate needs anywhere across the Corvallis area.

We have been in this industry for more than decades now. We have the expertise of serving various businesses and individuals' security requirements. There is an assurance of getting licensed, experienced, and trained security guards and officers whenever and wherever you require them. We have a solid presence around Corvallis and surrounding areas, which makes us approachable at any hour of the day or night. Our specialization is protecting and providing security to all kinds of buildings properties in the Corvallis area in Western Oregon. Feel free to ask for qualified or trained armed or unarmed security personnel to patrol the grounds, monitor, and check visitor management in the premises, ensuring total protection inside and outside the building. In case of any personal request, approach us right away, and we will do the needful. We understand and are aware of preventing minor disruptions from escalating into something serious. With our extensive knowledge in the field, we can deliver the appropriate number of security personnel for your event, apartment or residential security, commercial safety, etc. Request for a free consultation right away with us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.